Really feelin shitty

2011-11-03 01:00:09 by twreckz

gotta go to inpatient rehab far away from my house and im gonna miss my family and friends and not being to celebrate my birthday and spend family time at christmas,. but regardless i want y'all to listen to my tracks for real . and lemme know what u think cus yo opinion mean the world to me. peace out.

Yep. Made about 12 more tracks and will be uploading some of them up here. I would also really like to collab with some great NG hip hop artists and make some groundbreaking music and show my true lyrical and musical abilities. So im just saying y'all should check out my songs and tell me what you think cus thats all i want cus i got passion for the music I do and the only thing I could ask for is for people to feel it. So lemme know. Peace out,

for all my no fans.

2011-04-04 04:18:50 by twreckz

gonna be uploading alot more shit. i set up my closet studio today with a 200 dollar microphone and a brand new soundcard. get ready newgrounds. imma be killing shit. 14 years old and bettter then 90 percent of the rappers on this site.